HIDDEN FIGURES (2016) Shows America is at its Best When it Values Diversity

This could just be my reaction to the current political climate, but has America ever shined brighter than during the Space Race? Ignoring of course the climate that the civil rights movement pushed back against, and the cold war struggles epitomized by Vietnam (there’s always history to ignore when highlighting greatness); has any country on the planet produced any image as inspiring as a man walking on the moon? A single man, representing all of humanity, finally planting his foot in the heavens; watched and rooted for by every other person – regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender, creed, or culture. That truly is representative of America at its best.

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Moonlight (2016) Review

Going into this movie with full acknowledgement of its post-festival hype, I was surprised by how small a movie Moonlight turned out to be. I don’t mean small as in bad, but small as in intimate. Moonlight isn’t a movie about capital-I Identity, it’s about the identity of one man – it’s main character, Chiron. And it’s not really even about Chiron struggling to find his identity as a black man, or a gay man, it’s just about Chiron figuring out who Chiron is, and maybe not getting there.

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