A normal person could not have invented Wonder Woman. Most other superheroes seem like obvious creations in retrospect: a man with super-strength who fights crime, a man who fights crime to avenge his murdered parents, a teenager who gets superpowers and must use them to perform mitzvahs before becoming a man; all stories that really didn’t need specific people to tell them. All characters with clear and historical antecedents.

But a Woman who fights crime through imploring willful submission to authority? One who comes from an island without men as an ambassador to teach men how to love away hate? An inherently kinky dominatrix who compels her foes to enjoy bondage? That takes someone special. And Professor Marston and the Wonder Women finally tells that story.

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COLOSSAL (2017) Reaches the Height of High-Concept

If nothing else, you’ve got to love the gusto of a movie like Colossal, which tells the story of Gloria (Anne Hathaway), a woman who discovers that when she stands in a playground in her hometown at 8:05am, she causes a kaiju to appear in Seoul, South Korea that mimics her every move. Really, that this premise is handled at least competently, alone deserves however much (probably too much) you’re paying to see this movie. As a bonus, Colossal is an incredibly well made film that also tells a realistically portrayed story of an abusive relationship caused by male entitlement, and shows a woman who gathers the strength to beat it. Continue reading “COLOSSAL (2017) Reaches the Height of High-Concept”

HIDDEN FIGURES (2016) Shows America is at its Best When it Values Diversity

This could just be my reaction to the current political climate, but has America ever shined brighter than during the Space Race? Ignoring of course the climate that the civil rights movement pushed back against, and the cold war struggles epitomized by Vietnam (there’s always history to ignore when highlighting greatness); has any country on the planet produced any image as inspiring as a man walking on the moon? A single man, representing all of humanity, finally planting his foot in the heavens; watched and rooted for by every other person – regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender, creed, or culture. That truly is representative of America at its best.

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Regarding Devin Faraci

Devin Faraci, one of the internet’s most well-known movie critics, has stepped down as editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death after an incident of him sexually assaulting a woman was brought to light.

Normally, I this is not the sort of thing I would comment on, but seeing as I have written in praise of Faraci, both as a critic and recently a comic book writer, I feel that I should explain my opinions on the matter so that current and future readers of mine can make their own decisions regarding reading my own work.

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