It’s weird how we seemingly all agreed that, no matter how bad the franchise got, the Jurassic movies would have an exclusive right to dinosaurs in movies. Even the newest King Kong didn’t have a T-Rex for the great ape to wrestle. Thankfully, Fallen Kingdom is a slight bounce back from 2015’s Jurassic World, though the series overall is still running on the nostalgia fumes of Spielberg’s ‘93 classic rather evolving.

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THE INCREDIBLES 2 (2018) Silver Age

After 14 years, and tarnishing it’s once spotless record with a handful of mediocre sequels, writer-director Brad Bird and Pixar are able to deliver a sequel to The Incredibles that’s worth the wait. While not quite as polished as the original, though it thankfully does some things very much better, Incredibles 2 manages to stand out from the superhero saturated crowd of movies that has swamped cinema since the original’s release.

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Wednesday Reads 6/13/18

Eternity Girl #4

As Caroline reaches out to destroy the Chaos Engine, the nature of her existence of infinite recursions reveals itself to her, and to us.
The result is an issue that’s a treat in formalism, as the book shifts styles, from Tank Girl to Silver Age Comics, Peanuts strips, and more, including one that made me smile from ear-to-ear it fit so gosh darned well. Sonny Liew approximates each borrowed style well, complemented heavily by Chris Chuckry’s changes in coloring to match.

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Wednesday Reads 5/30; 6/7/18

Amazing Spider-Man #800

It all comes down to this. Spider-Man vs. Goblin. Luckily, Spidey has a lot of friends in his corner, including some unexpected allies lying in wait.

This 80 page issue sure is something: an extended third act fight that criss-crosses the city and gives everyone from MJ to Venom a chance to get a good hit in on Norman Osborn. And, considering how Slott ended his last centennial issue, things get pretty tense. There’s a real feeling that anyone could die, that Peter could suffer another tragic loss at Osborn’s hands.

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HEREDITARY (2018) Sins of the Mother

I think that Hereditary could have been about a lot of absolutely terrifying things that haven’t really gotten play in horror movies: how end-of-life diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia can make loved ones unrecognizable by making them angry and afraid of family, the survivor’s guilt one feels after a family member in their care dies, finding out afterwards about secrets that change your opinion of them, or the uncanniness of caring for an elderly family member with the knowledge that you will likely one day be exactly the same burden on the ones you love most. And I think all those ideas are present in Hereditary, but the movie rarely fruitfully engages with them, those anxieties – when present – are largely detached from what the movie wants you to be afraid of.

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SOLO (2018) Prolonged Ehhhh…

Imma admit, I could barely remember enough of this movie to review it. I saw this movie with friends, and a few hours later when one of us began talking about it, I had forgotten we had seen it just earlier that day.

It’s now been a little over 24 hours since I’ve seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the part that I remember most clearly is also the movie’s most disturbing moment:

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FIRST REFORMED (2018) Holy Driver

The problem of evil is one of the most enduring questions in theology, and for millennia scholars have tried to rectify the existence of an all-powerful, all-loving God with the lived experience of evil on His creation. Every great tragedy through history, from genocides, slave trades, wars, and other various forms of violence and oppression has shaken the faith of people who cannot comprehend why they have been forsaken. The faithful have their arguments regarding God’s mysterious plans, His demonstrated pattern of testing the faith of his followers, some form of “greater-good” dialectic, or by introducing the wrinkle of free-will vs. determinism. Regardless of how the argument is made, many of them rely on an idea that divinely tolerated suffering is in service of a better future. But what if there was no future?

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