IT COMES AT NIGHT (2017) A House at the End of Their World

I’ve never been to a “legitimate” haunted house, but the closest I’ve ever felt to what I imagine the experience is like is when I visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Even almost 80 years since the Frank family, and hundreds of thousands of other Jewish and other families were forced into hiding, the horror of that period still oppresses that house. More than reading her diary, being in that house forces you to experience just a fraction of what living it might feel like. Being in that house forces you to ask if you could do it: Could you live here not knowing how long it would be until you could safely go outside again. Could you live here knowing that your survival depended entirely on people with every incentive in the world to sell you out? Could you live here knowing that the world may very well be ending right outside that door?

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My Second Screenplay! – Seeds of Deception

Last weekend I finished my second round entry for  NYC Midnight‘s Short Screenplay Challenge, and thought, like my first entry, I would upload it here for anyone to check out, and because this blog is kind of a portfolio for my work and this kind of thing shows that I do more than reviews.

Anyway, like last round, there were rules:

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My First Screenplay!

Earlier this year, I entered NYC Midnight‘s Short Screenplay Challenge, and submitted my first ever complete screenplay. Granted, it’s only five pages long, but still! I wrote a screenplay that I showed other people, and figured now that the first-round results came in*, I might as well share it on my blog, too. But, before you read it, I want to make the rule of that first round clear: The screenplay had to be under five pages long The genre had to be Fantasy The setting had to be a coal mine A gold pocket-watch had to appear somewhere in … Continue reading My First Screenplay!


I am writing this at 7am on 11/9/2016, and I have been up for the past 24 hours. I could not sleep tonight because earlier today Donald J Trump won the general election to be the 45th President of the United States of America. I am disheartened. I am fearful for the groups of people that his campaign has repeatedly threatened since the inception of his campaign. Like many others, I keep on hoping that I suddenly wake up from this nightmare, but I know that won’t happen. But besides the fear and sadness I am furious. I want to … Continue reading 11/9/2016

Regarding Devin Faraci

Devin Faraci, one of the internet’s most well-known movie critics, has stepped down as editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death after an incident of him sexually assaulting a woman was brought to light.

Normally, I this is not the sort of thing I would comment on, but seeing as I have written in praise of Faraci, both as a critic and recently a comic book writer, I feel that I should explain my opinions on the matter so that current and future readers of mine can make their own decisions regarding reading my own work.

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Comic Reviews 8/24/16 – DC and Clean Room


Detective Comics #939

Team Batman has time enough for a quick breather before having to take down The Colony’s drone army.

Tim and his personal arc – him deciding to leave Gotham to pursue school – are the primary focus of this issue, but Bruce and Kate get room to talk about what being family means to them, and every character gets at least a page in the spotlight. It’s commendable how well Tynion has juggled this book’s ensemble these past few months, as well as control the pacing of the plot and action beats. Finding out who’s on the other end of Batman’s “black line” is a great moment, as is Clayface’s attempt to get people away from a danger-zone.

The art gets a bit weird at times, with some panels and backgrounds having a more painterly quality to them that nudges against the otherwise solid linework of a majority of the book, but it occasionally comes together really well, like when Batman is put into relief by a bolt of lightning.

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