Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Approaches Apotheosis with “Nathaniel and I are Just Friends!”

It’s rare that an episode of television – especially something on a channel like the CW – can genuinely surprise me, and even rarer for that surprise to leave me (relatively) speechless. And though Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has delivered quite a few gut punches, especially over it’s most recent season, I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how transformative “Nathaniel and I are Just Friends!” would be. For almost 40 episodes of television, we’ve gotten to know Rebecca Bunch, and for better or worse, she’s become somewhat predictable. She goes through cycles, and, as the adage goes, tries the same thing over and over expecting different results. When she does make progress, she inevitably ends up backsliding. Like most great television characters, we root for her to succeed while being keenly aware of the character flaws that keep her from completely doing so. But in this episode, to the glee and musical delight of Michael Hyatt’s Dr. Akopian, Rebecca Bunch has a breakthrough.

And it only takes eight months.

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“Somewhere Else” Ends THE GOOD PLACE’s Second Season Exactly as Expected

That is, unexpectedly.

~ Spoilers below – duh ~

The last episode of The Good Place ended with Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason failing their test to get into the Good Place, and Michael and Janet popping through the Judge’s portal at the nick of time to help them with their case. And whether or not the four humans will be sent back to the Bad Place – what looked to be the climax for the entire season – is decided before the episode’s first commercial break in a conversation of half-sentences between omniscient eternal beings. They won’t.

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TV I Watched this Week 1/22 – 1/26/18

Quick note before this (last) week’s TV reviews. In an effort to focus more on writing more substantial opinion pieces and features, starting next week, I will no longer be reviewing every episode of TV I watch in a week. Instead, I will review only episodes or moments in what I watch that really stick out to me that week. Generally, season finales, big plot developments, or other special, or especially good episodes will get full reviews, but I’ll no longer try to force myself to have a 400-word opinion on every twenty to forty minutes of television I consume.

Black Lightning 1.2 – Lawanda: The Book of Hope

Where the series premiere did a great job introducing us to Jefferson Pierce and his relationship with his family; this second episode expands on his relationship with his ex-wife, Lynn; and with Freeland.

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TV I Watched This Week 1/15 – 1/19/18

Black Lightning 1.1 – The Resurrection

This was a premiere with a purpose. Black Lightning doesn’t waste time with an origin story, or some other meandering introduction to what cable’s first Black leading superhero could mean. It straight up shows you. Being the principal that lead Freeland’s Garfield Academy to a 90% graduation rate, and dressing in nice suits doesn’t prevent Jefferson Pierce from getting pulled over in the rain by white cops (for the third time this month!) looking for a liquor store robber. Working towards a medical degree doesn’t prevent his older daughter, Anissa, from getting arrested at a protest. And no deal that Jefferson made with his former student turned gang leader, Lala, can prevent the gang violence from threatening his school and his family. And by having much of this episode focus on Jefferson’s life as a civilian in Freeland, among increasing gang violence and a racist police force, the show explains the need for Black Lightning to come out of retirement.

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BLACK MIRROR Season 4 Reviews

~reviews contain spoilers~

USS Callister

My inability to sympathize with computers has finally begun to negatively affect my enjoyment of Black Mirror. A game developer creates digital copies of his coworkers to act as his crew in a Star Trek-esque VR game where he can live-out his power fantasies; and the digital copies decide they would rather be deleted than continue to serve their Captain.

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The TV I Watched This Week: 1/1/18 – 1/7/18

New title because I’ve decided to write about more than just CW Shows. Starting with…

The Good Place 2.8 – Leap to Faith

As The Good Place has done so many other times in its just over twenty episode run, Leap to Faith returns from the show’s hiatus to unmoor our confidence in where the show is headed. Shawn, who summoned Michael into his office at the end of the last episode, seemingly to punish him for the failure of his neighborhood project, instead gives him a promotion due to its success in emotionally torturing Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. And Michael gleefully accepts, bringing the four humans into the office to “reveal” that they’ve been in the bad place all along, and that they’re ending the experiment so that the humans can be dissected and researched (painfully) for future iterations.

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