Riverdale Recap Chapters 20-22

2.7 – Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Dark Side

I love the Texas Chain Saw Massacre inspired opening crawl, and really hope that most of the show’s audience got that, or is now interested in watching a horror classic. It also does a great job introducing this horror-tinged anthology episode.

The framing device involves the Black Hood posting a threat to the door of the Chock’lit shop: he’s watching the town for 48 hours, and if nobody sins, he’ll leave – but, if even one person is impure, he will continue his murder spree.

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CW Recaps 12/4-12/8/17

Supergirl 3.9 – Reign

This season of Supergirl has so far been about Kara’s relationship to her humanity, and whether she perceives it to be a strength or a weakness compared to her Kryptonianness. As a Kryptonian, she is invulnerable, godlike; and while her humanity and feelings make her emotionally vulnerable, they’re also what makes her capable of being a hero. So, this midseason-finale asks, which does she embrace when she needs to fight a devil?

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CRISIS ON EARTH-X – A DC Crossover Done Right

Sorry Justice League, THIS is how you do a DC Universe crossover. I’m not going to do my usual recap here because, well, I don’t want to recap what is essentially a three hour movie, and I don’t think you’d want me to – but the long-and short of it is: Oliver and Felicity, Kara and Alex, and the Legends are all invited to the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West; but the ceremonies are interrupted by Eobard Thawne and the Supergirl and Arrow of Earth-X; the Earth where Nazis won WWII! It’s superheroes vs. Nazis – just as Simon and Kirby intended – and it is GLORIOUS!

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CW Recaps 11/20-11/23

Supergirl 3.7 – Wake Up

The DEO discovers an alien ship buried under National City, and Supergirl, J’onn and Winn investigate. They find a number of hypersleep pods, one of which has been opened, and shortly after, the person who was in it reveals himself. It’s Mon-El; and a trip back to the DEO for some recovery reveals that he’s no longer sensitive to lead, and because of hypersleep induced fogginess, not much else.

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CW Recaps 11/6-11/10

Supergirl 3.5 – Damage

As Sam drops Ruby off at school, one of Ruby’s friends suddenly faints. He’s the latest in an epidemic of lead poisoning throughout National City, and Morgan Edge has pinned the blame for it squarely on Lena Luthor for setting off the bomb that got rid of the Daxamites.

Believing that there’s a chance that Edge isn’t entirely full of hot air on this, Lena decides it would be best for her to step down from CatCo and L-Corp so that the former can report on the story honestly, and the latter can investigate into the matter without bias. Kara, who the show still hasn’t proven as a diligent reporter immediately earns a strike against herself when she disagrees with Lena’s decision. She earns a second when she agrees to be the reporter on the Lena story when she does step down, despite their close friendship.

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