Comic Reviews for 10/18/17

Batman #33

To close out the last arc, last issue, Catwoman accepted Batman’s engagement proposal. In this arc, she has to meet the last supervillainess that Batman proposed to.

Honestly, seems like a weird hazing ritual for Batman to force on Catwoman. “Thanks, for marrying me – but first, we gotta go to the desert, break a whole bunch of laws, and upset multiple Justice Leagues so you can meet – and possibly be murdered by – my ex.” Unless this was Catwoman’s idea? Sounds like it could’ve been her idea.

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A normal person could not have invented Wonder Woman. Most other superheroes seem like obvious creations in retrospect: a man with super-strength who fights crime, a man who fights crime to avenge his murdered parents, a teenager who gets superpowers and must use them to perform mitzvahs before becoming a man; all stories that really didn’t need specific people to tell them. All characters with clear and historical antecedents.

But a Woman who fights crime through imploring willful submission to authority? One who comes from an island without men as an ambassador to teach men how to love away hate? An inherently kinky dominatrix who compels her foes to enjoy bondage? That takes someone special. And Professor Marston and the Wonder Women finally tells that story.

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Comic Reviews for 10/11/17


Dark Nights: Metal #3

The heroes have lost. Barbatos has risen, and he and his dark knights have dominated the Earth, plugging people into giant towers that will power the planet’s descent into the Dark Multiverse.

Meanwhile, Superman has been dreaming – dreaming that he’s fought Barbatos dozens of times, and died dozens of times. But in one of those dreams, he won; and even though that one too ends with Barbatos’ ultimate victory, Clark hears Bruce – the real Bruce – calling out to him from the darkness.

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BATMAN VS. TWO-FACE (2017) So Long, Old Chum

It is impossible to review Batman vs. Two-Face without acknowledging it as the last performance of Adam West as Batman before his sudden passing on June 9th, 2017. This is the end of his over 50 year tenure in the role, which he brought to life with a constant effervescent camp and square-jawed sense of justice and righteousness. Batman would not be the character he is today without Adam West, whose performance turned a simple comic hero into a multimedia icon.

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Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 (PC – 2017) Playing With Matches

I kind of resent deciding to start my review of this series here, as I’ve greatly enjoyed what Tell-Tale has done with the Batman mythos so far, but this is easily the weakest episode yet. Despite introducing some novel twists on familiar characters, The Pact feels limited in what it borrows from the Batman mythos, resulting in a plot that feels overstuffed, skipping possibly interesting scenarios by railroading the player through a series of lose-lose choices to ratchet up the drama.

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Comic Reviews for 9/20/17 and 9/27/17


Batman: the Red Death
The first of the Dark Knights rises! In Earth -52, Batman hunts the Flash for his speed force. With the Bat-Family dead, Bruce wants to steal Barry’s powers so that he can protect the entire world, much less Gotham. After a long and, for Barry, torturous chase, Bruce succeeds in merging himself with the Speed Force, becoming Batman the Red Death. Shortly thereafter, he is approached by the Batman Who Laughs, who tells him that his world is destined to die, but he knows of one destined to live – they just have to take it.

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