Comic Reviews 6/21/17 and 6/14/17

All-Star Batman #11

As Bruce fights his way out of Thatch’s base, Alfred flashes back to a youth spent not-unlike Bruce’s.

Alfred has always been the most likable member of the Bat-Family, and I’m overjoyed that Snyder is putting him at the center of this arc. He’s cherry-picking from some previously established histories of the character, like his time in the British military, while adding new elements, like having Alfred grow up as an 80’s Punk. I don’t know about you, but imagining a teenage Alfred rocking out to The Clash is an image I didn’t know I needed in my head until reading this issue. Plus, it provides a great starting point for the man who would become the most paternal and, in many ways, un-punk members of the family.

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Comic Reviews 6/7/17


The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9

Defeated, Quar threatens to destroy the planet, and there’s only one man that can stop him.

Defying all expectations, The Master Race ends as a panacea to everything wrong with The Dark Knight Returns and Strikes Back. It, not-not hamfistedly, responds to the series’ history of Batman being a Randian exemplar and demagogue with a conclusion that depicts heroism at its most altruistic. The mini-story acts as a coda, reinforcing the series’ new perspective on what a hero is and should be, and reintroduces the world’s greatest heroes.

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Comic Reviews 5/31/17 – Indies


Sex Criminals #19

This series isn’t supposed to be sad, man; but this one gets pretty low.

Jon and Suzie’s relationship is on the rocks, and their encounter with the sex shrocks guy is cut terribly short. On the upside, Alix realizes that she might be on the wrong side of things, and Jon’s therapist (who I forget the name of, and can’t find immediately on google) and Dr. Kincaid seem to really be hitting it off on their first date.

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Comic Reviews 5/31/17 – DC and Marvel


Wonder Woman Annual #1

On the same week as the release of her first feature movie, this Annual presents a handful of short stories that show the basics of Diana of Themyscira the Wonder Woman. These stories show her at her most trusting and generous, standing up for the innocent, no matter how different they may be, and leading the less-than-innocent on a path towards forgiveness.

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WONDER WOMAN (2017) Is a Bright New Start for the DCEU

Starting off, it really isn’t worth my or your time to compare Wonder Woman to the previous movies in the DC cinematic universe (DCEU), because, well…Wonder Woman blows them completely out of the water. The first woman of comics gets the big screen adaptation she’s always deserves, with director Patty Jenkins and the entire cast and crew taking the opportunity to show the boys how it’s done with style and grace.

So, instead, allow me to compare Wonder Woman to a superhero film in the same league, Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Comic Reviews 5/17/17


Secret Empire #2

The underground attempts to regroup after the attack on Las Vegas, but a rift in the group threatens to tear it apart. Meanwhile, the heroes trapped in Darkforce New York do their best to keep the city alive.

This is probably the most enjoyable issue of Secret Empire yet, if only because Steve is in it the least. Instead, we finally get heroes acting like heroes, or trying to given their circumstances. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and other heroes do their best to protect New York from the demons that surround it while also working to prevent valuable limited resources from falling into the hands of Wilson Fisk. And in the Underground, Black Widow and Hawkeye argue over whether or not killing Captain America is on the table, and the possibility of any other way to victory.

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