Comic Reviews 12/13/17

Mister Miracle #5

Scott and Barda spend their last day together in LA before his scheduled execution by Orion on New Genesis. The two visit the Walk of Fame, and Jack Kirby’s star specifically (unfortunately, not real 😦 ); make love, visit Oberon’s grave, go to Scott’s favorite deli, the carnival, the beach, and get stuck in lots of traffic. Scott doesn’t talk much, his longest continuous thought in this issue being an explanation of Descartes’ “cogito,” and Barda speaks less. Their dichotomy is made apparent, Scott wanting to make his last day with her special, while she’d prefer not to face it; as is their love for each-other. King writes these gods as human, but Gerads manages to inject one very evocative divine image into the issue that approaches dangerous levels of on-the-noseness. I also like to think he snuck in a visual reference to Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye. This issue is the calm before the storm, heavy with portents, words still to be said, and actions against inevitability to be taken.

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CRISIS ON EARTH-X – A DC Crossover Done Right

Sorry Justice League, THIS is how you do a DC Universe crossover. I’m not going to do my usual recap here because, well, I don’t want to recap what is essentially a three hour movie, and I don’t think you’d want me to – but the long-and short of it is: Oliver and Felicity, Kara and Alex, and the Legends are all invited to the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West; but the ceremonies are interrupted by Eobard Thawne and the Supergirl and Arrow of Earth-X; the Earth where Nazis won WWII! It’s superheroes vs. Nazis – just as Simon and Kirby intended – and it is GLORIOUS!

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Comic Reviews 11/29/17

Batman: Creature of the Night #1

Bruce Wainwright wants to be Batman, and tragically, he gets what he wants. His wealthy parents are killed right in front of him, leaving him with only his uncle Al, money to buy him a boarding school education, and a case to solve. And a year later, with the police having made no progress, Bruce starts having dreams of a large, shadowy creature attacking criminals in the night. And those same criminals begin showing up, injured and ready to confess at the police station. And one night, the creature gets a lead on the man who killed Bruce’s parents.

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Comic Reviews 11/22/17

Doomsday Clock #1

We open in Watchmen’s New York, on November 22nd, 1992; which is 25 years to the day before this comic’s release, and also the week that Superman #75 – the Death of Superman – was released. A mob gathers outside the business headquarters of Adrian Veidt, the world’s smartest, and now most wanted man, for his orchestration of the “alien” attack on New York City that resulted in over three million dead and thousands more physically injured.

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JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) Marvelish

Justice League is not a good movie. It’s actually a great big Frankenstein’d mess of a movie, and if you know about its long and winding production process, it’s more than clear why; but even that’s not an excuse for how visible all the seams are. Justice League is a movie that can barely carry a plot from scene to scene, what’s depth of character development reaches about as deep as “Should I save the world or nah?,” and what’s post-production CG and color-regrading makes the entire thing look like a worse version of the Injustice games, to the point where it ruins the appearance of physical props like characters’ costumes and one character’s entire jaw. But in spite of all of that, Justice League was the most I’ve enjoyed a Superman movie since Brandon Routh rescued that plane in 2006. It’s a movie that, in spite of what’s come before it, turns these heroes into symbols of hope and optimism, and actually makes saving the world look fun.

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Comic Reviews 11/15/17

The Batman Who Laughs #1

This issue is easily a contender for most disturbing Batman story, so, congrats to the team on their accomplishment!

The Batman Who Laughs, the Dark Knight who leads the other Nightmare Batmans (Batmen?) finally tells a completely bandaged-up hostage who he is and how he came to be. Like the others, he was a Batman pushed too far, this time, pushed into finally killing the Joker after the latter’s most horrifying plan yet. But Joker had one last punchline to deliver – his death would release the most potent version of Joker Venom yet, but only enough to infect someone next to him at the time of death, in this case – Batman. And has Batman suffers the mind-warping effects of Jokerization, he becomes the most dangerous man in the dark multiverse, combining Bruce Wayne’s perfectly honed mental and physical abilities with Joker’s conniving creativity and complete disregard of ethics.

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