Wednesday Reads 7/4, 7/11/18

Captain America #1

“The first country the Nazis invaded was their own.”

This quote, spoken by professor Erskine to a pre-super serum Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger, seems to be the foundation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ first arc of his own run on the character. Steve, who shares the face of the Supreme Leader of Hydra who conquered the United States only months ago, still wonders how it happened, how the people of his country lost their way and fell under fascism. He knows that people still don’t trust him completely, understands their hesitation; this isn’t the first time he’s seen this sort of thing happen and failed to prevent it. At the same time, he tries to find where the dream he defends is still alive, in the people who fought back, in the children who survived it. And no matter what anyone else thinks, he’s going to continue to fight for that dream.

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THE WASP AND ANT-MAN (2018) Coulda Been Fetish-ier

The Ant-Man franchise is shaping up to be the palette cleanser of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being smaller, self-contained, and ostensibly more comedic entries following major crossover events with generally darker tones. While this made this helped the first Ant-Man stand out from Marvel’s other offerings – following phase three movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, it becomes more apparent how much Ant-Man’s flavor has been diluted with the rest of the mega-franchise’s overall tone and aesthetic.

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Wednesday Reads 6/27/18

Black Panther #2

Two years after the first issue, the ex-slave now known as T’Challa fights with the rebel Maroons against the Wakandan Empire. But the Intel on the Maroon’s current mission was old, and they’ve flown right into a heavily fortified base. Nakia orders a retreat, but T’Challa flies ahead, eager for a dogfight. And against all odds, he manages to outfly the much better numbered and gunned empire defenses.
This is a trench-run issue that reads like a level of Star Fox. It’s amazingly propulsive and undeniably cool. While this is one of those comic issues I desperately wish I could see in motion, Coates still manages to script the still moments that tell us exactly how skillful T’Challa’s maneuvers are. And of course, Acuña captures the image of it. His art is slick and futuristic, and he neatly contrasts the Maroon’s nimble looking fighters with the empire’s fighters with hot neon purple accents that are all sharp lines and hard angles in gray and blue.

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Wednesday Reads 6/20/18

Amazing Spider-Man #801
Dan Slott’s last issue of Amazing Spider-Man ranks as one of his best, as he collaborates with Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente to capture the importance of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in a single story.
It starts nearly at the beginning, with Spider-Man, just weeks out from Uncle Ben’s murder, foiling a grocery store mugging. Then we follow the life of one of the people he saves until the day he can pay Spider-Man back.
The issue is a happy reminder that no matter how big Spider-Man gets, he’s great because he’s a local boy. He doesn’t save the world, he saves your world.

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THE INCREDIBLES 2 (2018) Silver Age

After 14 years, and tarnishing it’s once spotless record with a handful of mediocre sequels, writer-director Brad Bird and Pixar are able to deliver a sequel to The Incredibles that’s worth the wait. While not quite as polished as the original, though it thankfully does some things very much better, Incredibles 2 manages to stand out from the superhero saturated crowd of movies that has swamped cinema since the original’s release.

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Wednesday Reads 6/13/18

Eternity Girl #4

As Caroline reaches out to destroy the Chaos Engine, the nature of her existence of infinite recursions reveals itself to her, and to us.
The result is an issue that’s a treat in formalism, as the book shifts styles, from Tank Girl to Silver Age Comics, Peanuts strips, and more, including one that made me smile from ear-to-ear it fit so gosh darned well. Sonny Liew approximates each borrowed style well, complemented heavily by Chris Chuckry’s changes in coloring to match.

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Wednesday Reads 5/30; 6/7/18

Amazing Spider-Man #800

It all comes down to this. Spider-Man vs. Goblin. Luckily, Spidey has a lot of friends in his corner, including some unexpected allies lying in wait.

This 80 page issue sure is something: an extended third act fight that criss-crosses the city and gives everyone from MJ to Venom a chance to get a good hit in on Norman Osborn. And, considering how Slott ended his last centennial issue, things get pretty tense. There’s a real feeling that anyone could die, that Peter could suffer another tragic loss at Osborn’s hands.

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