Hello! Welcome to the place I put all my writing.

My name is Noah Waldman, and, as the existence of this site should prove, I’m a little obsessed with stories. Movies, comics, games, plays – a well told story will give me something to think about and take apart and reassemble for weeks, and I like sharing my passion for the stories I read, watch, and listen to with others. I feel that having conversation about stories helps everyone involved understand them better.

So, even though this is my website, I prefer to think of it as the start of a conversation between me and whomever you are reading this right now. Please feel free to disagree, comment, and otherwise respond to anything you see here.

I started this website in April 2016 after realizing that, even though I had run a Youtube channel for over five years, unless I was suddenly willing to invest a lot of time and money on actually good video equipment, editing software, and things like that; the best way to showcase my writing would probably be as writing – black and white words on a page.

That is not to say I’ve given up on making videos. Video is still a medium I enjoy working in, but with the creation of this website, I have decided to focus more on the written word. Still, expect the occasional video when there’s something I feel I can only get across with sound and moving pictures.  And down the line, maybe keep an ear out for a podcast or something like that. No reason to limit myself.

A bit about me: I’m a New York City native and graduate of Hunter College with a BA in Media Studies with a focus on criticism and analysis. I currently live in New York City. I’m a liberal, a dog person, and prefer waffles to pancakes.

Tweet me @waldville, or follow my instagram, also @waldville.

And thanks 🙂



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