Comic Reviews 3/8/17 – DC, WicDiv and Uber


Action Comics #975

Lois and Clark go to Metropolis to find the doppelganger Clark Kent and their son, Jon, who they believe he kidnapped. They find Kent, who reveals himself to be one of Superman’s most powerful enemies.

This issue actually has two stories; the first which is summarized above, and a second which provides some more background for the reveal, which I don’t want to spoil here.

What I can say is that, while this is pretty much an oversized one-note issue, it’s a fun one. The audience will have figured things out pages before Supes does, but watching him put two-and-two together is really fun, and the art in this issue is popping with fun color and more characters than you might expect. The back-up, written by Paul Dini, is even more fun than the main story, especially if you’re familiar with his previous work with the character.



Wonder Woman #18

Veronica is able to bring back Adrianna as a living neural net who calls herself Doctor Cyber; and the two are still working (under duress) for Diemos and Phobos to get to Diana; this time, through targeting Barbara Ann as she begins her exploration into the African Jungle.

This issue definitely feels transitional, treating its climax – the death of one of Diana’s first friendships – so matter of factly as to make it seem inconsequential. Part of that is because it is a foregone conclusion. This issue reveals how Veronica is behind Barbara Ann’s transformation into Cheetah, which unfortunately works better as a plot beat than an emotional one. There’s montage-y quality to the issue, feeling like it’s mostly connecting dots, abridging somewhat Veronica’s continued fall into villany by way of hurting Wonder Woman.



The Flash #18

With things in Central City finally calm, Barry thinks it’s time that Wally tries to reconnect with his father, Daniel West – The Reverse Flash. But Daniel has been transferred out of Iron Heights and into Belle Reve, bringing the Flashes face to face with Amanda Waller.

I feel like this issue isn’t doing much, introducing the main thrust of this arc, but not yet taking any steps forward into it. Also, even though this arc opens with Wally, and is set up to be about his relationship with his father, Barry seems to still be the protagonist of this story, taking the lead in making every important decision in the issue. I understand that it’s his Superhero name in the title, but I would’ve liked to see Wally take more of a lead.



The Wicked + The Divine #27

This issue is a montage that swiftly takes us through three months of the last year that most of the remaining Pantheon have left. Baal and Minerva continue to fight the Great Darkness; Woden, Dionysus, and the Norns continue to study Ananke’s machine; Ammy starts her own religion (ShinTwo), and Laura and Sakhmet do a lot of the fu-huk-ing.

Like most things montage, it feels more like an entertaining way to abridge time than having any real point of its own. It’s a way to show progress for progress’ sake. We get hints of character development, with Baal embracing his new role as a superhero, Dionysus makes some headway into pulling the Norns out of her shell, and even Woden seems to be slightly less of a complete asshole. The biggest story stuff happens at the end, when the Norns bring in a professor to help with the machine; and we get an explanation to what “Imperial Phase” refers to.



Uber: Invasion #4

In this issue we get a break from the Nazi invasion of America by taking a trip to Nazi occupied Britain, where Stephanie and Alan Turing are testing people for Uber eligibility, and find a young girl with Battleship potential whom they must now smuggle out of the country and into America.

Even considering there’s a sequence where Stephanie has to run from an Uber-ized Nazi and holds her gun to a young girl’s head in order to keep her quiet; this issue is the lightest this book has been yet. In many ways, it feels like the resistance’s first victory in a while. It’s a dark one, that involves the exploitation of an innocent girl who will be made into a living weapon, but it’s something. Nothing good comes easy in this series, but it does feel like good things are coming.