My Second Screenplay! – Seeds of Deception

Last weekend I finished my second round entry for  NYC Midnight‘s Short Screenplay Challenge, and thought, like my first entry, I would upload it here for anyone to check out, and because this blog is kind of a portfolio for my work and this kind of thing shows that I do more than reviews.

Anyway, like last round, there were rules:

  1. The screenplay had to be under five pages long
  2. The genre had to be Mystery
  3. The setting had to be a Fertility Clinic
  4. A Fishing-Net had to appear somewhere in the screenplay
  5. I had to write it in under 48 hours.

I felt this was a harder prompt than the last time, so I went full steam ahead with the first idea I had. That idea, as you’ll read, was pretty dumb, but I went with it anyway and leaned into the stupid best I could. Hope you’re entertained.

Seeds of Deception (PDF)

Like before, please leave any criticism to help me improve my writing.


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