My First Screenplay!

Earlier this year, I entered NYC Midnight‘s Short Screenplay Challenge, and submitted my first ever complete screenplay. Granted, it’s only five pages long, but still! I wrote a screenplay that I showed other people, and figured now that the first-round results came in*, I might as well share it on my blog, too.

But, before you read it, I want to make the rule of that first round clear:

  1. The screenplay had to be under five pages long
  2. The genre had to be Fantasy
  3. The setting had to be a coal mine
  4. A gold pocket-watch had to appear somewhere in the screenplay

Also, I only had 48 hours to write it!

All that being said, the link to the PDF is below, so feel free to take a look, and please don’t hesitate to be critical.

The Coal Skinned Miner (PDF)

The next round of the challenge starts Saturday, 12/17/16 at midnight, so please wish me luck!

* I got 11th place out of 31 entrants in my group. There are 25 groups of 31 in total.