10 Comic Characters that Should Stay White

Yesterday, the internet saw the backlash from another race-change of a comic book character. This time, its Spider-Man’s red-headed love interest, Mary-Jane Watson, who is being played by Zendaya.

Honestly, I don’t mind this in the slightest. I also don’t mind Idris Elba playing a Norse God, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Laurence Fishburne playing Perry White; or many other characters changing race while being adapted.

However, there are some comic book characters that should just stay white. It just wouldn’t make sense for their characters to not be white. And those characters are…

1. The Sons of the Serpent


They’re a super-villain white supremacist group, so I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.


2. Red Skull


Comic’s most famous Nazi. Another kind of…self-explanatory example.
Although, technically, he is red, so could be played by an actor of color.


3. Swarm

Another comic book Nazi. Although, being made of Bees, he’ll have to be CGI, probably, which means an actor of color could possibly play him…


4. Red Panzer

Another, um, Nazi.


5. U-Man


May I point your attention to the swastika belt buckle? But again, this guy is blue so…nothing stopping a non-white actor from playing them.


6. Bloodsport (Alex Trent)


A super-villain aligned with the Aryan Brotherhood…
Ironically, he’s the second character to use the name Bloodsport, and the first one was black, so…


7. Axis Amerika


I’ve made my point, right?


8. Hate-Monger


That the only reason a character would have to be white is if they made whiteness a central part of their identity.


9. National Force


Which is a thing normally reserved for characters that identify as white supremacists.


10. Captain Nazi


This guy is even called CAPTAIN NAZI. I don’t think I could be more blunt.