Comic Reviews 7/27/16: DC


Action Comics #960

Every page in this issue shows Superman and Wonder Woman looking so God damned Heroic. I love it. Props to Kirkham and Arreola.

The fight against Doomsday continues, with Wonder Woman joining the frey. But when Doomsday flees Metropolis, Superman has to figure out what he’s after.

With WW’s help, we finally see Superman gain definitive ground on Doomsday, starting with a barrage of punches the Flash taught him. The team up with Wonder Woman is especially refreshing because, despite them not yet really knowing each-other (different worlds), they are immediately on the same page and trust one another.

This is shaping up to be a truly great example of what Action Comics should be.


Detective Comics #937

A simply super-fun issue. Batman escapes his captivity by The Colony and finds the person behind their tech, while the rest of the gang makes their own move on The Colony.

After a couple issues where we see the Bat-family defeated, it feels so damn good for this book to remind us how skilled they really are. Batman’s escape sequence is so damn cool on its own, and seeing what Tim has been up too off-panel is just the icing on the cake.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Wonder Woman #3

Wonder Woman struggles to get through Cheetah to talk to the Barbara Ann inside her, and Steve Trevor leads his team against a kidnapping warlord.

This issue provides another great example of Diana triumphing through Love and peaceful submission rather than violence, although we do also get to see her kick some ass.

Rucka settles back into his WW groove, and hopefully this book continues to improve.




The Flash #3

The Flash and August race around Central City stopping all the new speedster related crime, and get a little help from STAR Labs.

Another DC book that really keys into what makes its hero great. Flash’s priority quickly switches from stopping crime to helping the new speedsters gain control over their new abilities. We see Barry play to both his strengths, speeding through the city stopping robberies, and slowing down to help a single young lady trapped in high gear. And it’s the latter that provides this issue with its real victory moment.



Titans #1
After yet another recap of Rebirth and what Wally West have been up to, he makes himself a new suit and rejoins the Titans. Wally leads the Titans on a hunt for whatever mysterious power removed him from time, and Aqualad comes up with a lead that Roy and Donna chase down. And Lilith accidently unlocks something – or someone – from Wally’s memory.

Titans jumps right into things, and the team starts a great rapport right from the get-go. These characters are friends; they joke, they tease, they banter, and their open and trusting of each-other. It’s a good look for the book, and for these characters.



Nightwing #1
Dick Grayson goes back undercover, this time to investigate the Parliament of Owls. And in between hopping around Europe for their missions, he stops off in Gotham to say hi to his family.

This is still the Nightwing we know and love. Confident, maybe even a little cocky. Leaps without a net. And a sweetheart that gets souvenirs for his friends while participating in international spy-craft.

My biggest problem with this issue: Nightwing’s chest logo is a little too thin. I admit, it’s a nitpick.



Batgirl #1
Barbara Gordon travels to Japan looking for “Fruit Bat,” a Japanese hero from the 40’s who’s still kicking around at 104. There, she meets a childhood friend who might have some secrets of his own.

Barbara is as cute as she is tough, and we see more of her as a tourist and a friend than a crime-fighter in this issue. She’s incredibly likable, and as smart as ever. This is looking like another really fun book in the DC line-up with a Barbara Gordon given the space to really re-define herself.

Also, holy shit, thought bubbles. I thought those were dead.


Clean Room #10

How does this book keep on getting more and more disturbing? And with all that, how does it still have time to fit in Loony Tunes style gags? The answer: Gail Simone is just that good.

This issue introduces a new cult leader that is even worse than Astrid Mueller – and knowing what she’s done, that’s saying something. Killian is trying to keep things running in Astrid’s stead, and sends Chloe some gifts to keep her on board. Chloe, meanwhile, wants to get her demon friend, Spark, back.

Honestly, this is still the single most disturbing book on the shelves right now, and I do not understand how it keeps on getting worse. I love it, every god damn disgusting panel of it.

Future Quest #3 came out today, but it wasn’t at my Local Comic Store. I’ll review it when I can pick it up from them.

Marvel Reviews in a separate, upcoming post.