Writing I Do for Work

Since the beginning of last month, I’ve been an editorial intern at Contently, where I write for their blog about content and media, The Content Strategist. I think that I, and the rest of the staff there (who are all really cool, smart people) write about some pretty interesting stuff and provide some neat insight into the current media and advertising landscape. So, if that sounds interesting, please check out my writing (linked below) or the main blog (linked above).

How Axe Found Its (Marketing) Magic

For any male who went to high school in the 2000s, Axe body spray was an inescapable part of life. Every boys locker room in the country reeked of Axe, and the guys who used the deodorant seemed to care less about masking odor than making sure everyone in school knew they used the product. Axe wasn’t about deodorant; it was about dominance. Spraying some on was supposed to let everyone know that you were a man, and you were looking for a woman.

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Medium Is Becoming a Major Platform, for Better or Worse

On June 1, Grantland came back—sort of. Seven months after ESPN shut Grantland down for good, The Ringer, Bill Simmons’s new publication, went live. The stories were the same creative, indulgent fare you’d find on Grantland, but the look was very different. It was more of a blog than a website. In other words, it was Medium.

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The Best Brands on Twitter Don’t Tweet Like Brands

Does anyone care what SpahgettiOs thinks about Pearl Harbor? Or how Totino’s feels about the newest X-Men movie? What about when Kenneth Cole joked that violent protests in Egypt were a result of the clothing line’s new spring collection?
No matter how many cringe-worthy tweets we’ve seen in the past, branded Twitter accounts seem fixated on capitalizing on the latest trend, whether it’s national tragedy or a totally unrelated movie release. So how can a brand avoid embarrassing itself on Twitter, or even shine as an account people want to follow for content?

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Why Can’t YouTube Do Drama?

Given YouTube’s popularity, it’s surprising that the video platform doesn’t have its own Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or Game of Thrones—a singular story that creates shockwaves of influence across culture—especially considering YouTube’s recent push into scripted original series with YouTube Red. With billions of daily viewers and millions of creators, there should probably be at least one show or channel that we could point to and say, “This changed everything.”

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Can Pokémon Go Survive Until August?

Since Pokémon Go came out last week, I’ve been obsessed. I’ve been getting off the subway one stop early to hatch my eggs in new places and look for Pokémon. Last weekend, I went to Central Park to look for rare Pokémon with my friends, only to find hundreds of other people doing the same. Even while writing this article, I kept taking breaks to check if any new Pokémon stumbled into the Contently offices. (Nothing great, just another Doduo.)

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