Lateness and Other Things

Hi all,

Been hit pretty hard by the flu the past few days. After almost two days completely knocked out, finally feeling well enough to type.

First thing’s first: If I’m feeling up to it tomorrow (which I feel I will be), I’ll be picking up and reviewing comic books. It’s a 19-book haul this week, so the review still might not be up until late. But even if it takes until next Wednesday, I’ll review those books.

Some other things: Over the last weekend and Monday I’ve started work on a couple more feature blog things, so look out for at least one of those next week.

If you peeps have any ideas for the Storytelling 101 series, feel free to throw them my way. Comment here, or tweet me @waldville.

We’re also just over a week out from Civil War. Very Excited. Will review that as soon as possible. From everything I’ve heard, I expect to enjoy it immensely ^_^

That’s it for now. Mainly writing this as an explanation for why comic reviews aren’t up by now. Working on getting better.

Thanks for reading.,