Riverdale Recap Chapters 20-22

2.7 – Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Dark Side

I love the Texas Chain Saw Massacre inspired opening crawl, and really hope that most of the show’s audience got that, or is now interested in watching a horror classic. It also does a great job introducing this horror-tinged anthology episode.

The framing device involves the Black Hood posting a threat to the door of the Chock’lit shop: he’s watching the town for 48 hours, and if nobody sins, he’ll leave – but, if even one person is impure, he will continue his murder spree.

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Comic Reviews 12/13/17

Mister Miracle #5

Scott and Barda spend their last day together in LA before his scheduled execution by Orion on New Genesis. The two visit the Walk of Fame, and Jack Kirby’s star specifically (unfortunately, not real 😦 ); make love, visit Oberon’s grave, go to Scott’s favorite deli, the carnival, the beach, and get stuck in lots of traffic. Scott doesn’t talk much, his longest continuous thought in this issue being an explanation of Descartes’ “cogito,” and Barda speaks less. Their dichotomy is made apparent, Scott wanting to make his last day with her special, while she’d prefer not to face it; as is their love for each-other. King writes these gods as human, but Gerads manages to inject one very evocative divine image into the issue that approaches dangerous levels of on-the-noseness. I also like to think he snuck in a visual reference to Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye. This issue is the calm before the storm, heavy with portents, words still to be said, and actions against inevitability to be taken.

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Candle Nights – Short Screenplay

Round two of this year’s NYC Midnight‘s Short Screenplay Challenge, just finished, so I thought I’d post my entry. The rules for this one were:

  1. The screenplay had to be under five pages long
  2. The genre had to be Drama
  3. The setting had to be a Holiday Window Display
  4. The screenplay needed to contain a Sticky Note

And I still had only 48 hours to write it.

All that said, the link to the PDF is below, so feel free to take a look, and please don’t hesitate to be critical.

Candle Nights

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CW Recaps 12/4-12/8/17

Supergirl 3.9 – Reign

This season of Supergirl has so far been about Kara’s relationship to her humanity, and whether she perceives it to be a strength or a weakness compared to her Kryptonianness. As a Kryptonian, she is invulnerable, godlike; and while her humanity and feelings make her emotionally vulnerable, they’re also what makes her capable of being a hero. So, this midseason-finale asks, which does she embrace when she needs to fight a devil?

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WORLD OF TOMORROW EPISODE TWO (2017) Power of the Primes

It’s very telling that Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts, like its predecessor, is more concerned with the past than the future. Once again, young Emily (Winona Mae) is visited by a clone from her future (Julia Pott), who wishes to mine her brain for memories and hopefully gain a version of wholeness. Only, where the first clone took her on a journey through future-history as she remembered it; this one takes her inside their own heads.

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THE DISASTER ARTIST (2017) This is Not The Worst Movie in the World, No.

The Disaster Artist may be the year’s most ontologically fascinating film. Not only is it an adaptation of a book, but it’s a movie about making a movie, but not just any movie, the “best worst movie”, and not is it just a movie about the making of this movie, but is also in part a shot-for-shot remake of said movie. And, in true Borgesian fashion; The Disaster Artist is as much a movie about it’s director/lead actor, James Franco; as it is about the writer/director/lead actor of the movie it’s about, Tommy Wiseau.

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